by | June 13, 2018 | 00:11

The Federal Communications Commission's repeal of net neutrality rules was voted on previous year, and it finally comes into effect today (June 11). Proponents of the repeal say this easing of regulations will encourage investment and innovation, and that the Federal Trade Commission can remedy any potential harm through antitrust enforcement on a case-by-case basis.

by | June 11, 2018 | 10:54

It's actually a pretty slick looking game based on what we've seen thus far. We're talking the next Elder Scrolls game; the official reveal of Starfield; and sequels to both Doom and Wolfenstein . Here's what they have in store for Switch players. In the Arena , you can do battle 1v1 with other players. You can play Elder Scrolls Blades in vertical or horizontal mode, so if you don't like having to flip your phone over you won't need to.

by | June 11, 2018 | 09:35

EA opened its press conference with Battlefield V , its flagship first-person shooter. While no footage was shown, the idea of a battle royale mode made by Battlefield developer DICE was exciting enough to elicit a cacophony of cheers from the conference room.

by | June 11, 2018 | 06:42

Players will be one of the few chosen to stay in Vault 76 for twenty-five years waiting for Reclamation Day. The Elder Scrolls is coming to Nintendo Switch . You'll have to find others how have also found a piece of the nuclear launch code so that you can get these bad boys in the sky. All in all, Fallout 76 sounds like a very interesting spin on the long-running franchise.

by | June 11, 2018 | 03:22

There are scant details on what that means for us, but DICE developers may very well likely tell us more about what's coming tomorrow. " Battlefield V " is the latest major blockbuster to add a Battle Royale mode - " Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 " arrives this October with its own spin on the Battle Royale concept.

by | June 10, 2018 | 03:25

Apple announced some new updates to its personal assistant, Siri . And Apple is serious about its AR efforts. The really good news is that Apple has finally made a decision to bring the Mac App Store up to par with what the iOS App Store looks like.

by | June 10, 2018 | 02:44

In terms of build, the BlackBerry KEY2 features a Series 7 aluminium frame for extra durability along with a textured "diamond grip" back that prevents the phone from slipping off your hands by providing a better grip. "Although there are many different smartphones for consumers to choose from today, most tend to offer very similar experiences without much distinction from one to the next", he said.

by | June 08, 2018 | 06:28

Facebook remembers what setting you last chose and automatically selects it the next time you make a post. That's because the company had promised that the setting users set in their most recent privacy preferences would be maintained for future posts.

by | June 07, 2018 | 04:47

Eight weeks following general availability, all users will be migrated to the new design, though they'll have four weeks to opt out. The company is now planning to move users over to the new Gmail design so that it can phase out the old design entirely.

by | June 05, 2018 | 19:17

If a user press start after actually beginning a workout, the new feature provides with retroactive credits for that same workout. watchOS 5 is likely to be the first version to break ties with the original Apple Watch, which debuted in 2015.

by | June 04, 2018 | 02:37

If the leak is a legitimate one, there is no information on whether the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite will simply feature the original "Save The World" mode or include the significantly more popular " Battle Royale ". We can all dream. Evidently, we'll hear more about these titles come E3 during Nintendo's E3 livestream commencing on Tuesday, June 12 at 9 a.m PT / 12 p.m ET / 5 p.m BST / 9:30 p.m IST.

by | June 02, 2018 | 00:32

When Facebook launched " trending " in 2014 as a list of headlines to the side of the main news feed, it was a straightforward move to steal users from Twitter by giving them a quick look at the most popular news of the moment. Facebook fired its human curators in response, saying at the time that it hoped to automate the Trending section. The company tried to temper this by removing human reviewers who helped manage trending topics in favor of supposedly unbiased algorithms.

by | May 31, 2018 | 19:54

And while they are still to see the light of day, speculations about the devices have already started making their way online. The bad news is we still have a long wait ahead of us before Google releases its new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones.

by | May 31, 2018 | 19:51

EF will bring you news of the Games with Gold titles for July towards the end of June. As always, the games for Xbox 360 are backward compatible with the Xbox One , meaning those with the latest Microsoft console can play all four games on the list.

by | May 30, 2018 | 13:12

AirPlay 2 also allows users to play music in any room from any room using an iOS device, HomePod, Apple TV or Siri. The company says that when two speakers are paired, they are capable of "delivering room-filling sound that is more spacious than a traditional stereo pair".

by | May 30, 2018 | 12:24

In the time since Serebii first shared that tweet, Oha Suta's website has been updated to remove those statements you see above, and it now only says that we'll get a segment "full of Pokemon information". Eurogamer are now in Japan reporting at the press conference and according to them Pokemon Quest features "new visuals, such as "Pokécells", which are cute blocky animations of familiar Pokémon ".

by | May 29, 2018 | 06:14

There is no word on when the Moto G6 Plus will be arriving in India. While the smartphone still isn't available on a global level and Lenovo's subsidiary does have a history of leveraging several silicon models in identically named devices, this scenario would still be largely unprecedented given the significant differences in processing capabilities between the Snapdragon 630 and 660.

by | May 24, 2018 | 16:29

For those keeping track, this is one week later than its biggest competitor, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (which was also revealed last week ). It is however expected the game will run both DirectX 11 and 12, much like the current version. No pricing on Amazon India - EA's exclusive retailer partner in India is up just yet nor is it up on Origin or the PS Store right now. Now you can reinforce, and in some cases, reconstruct parts of the battlefield you blew up earlier in the match with a ...

by | May 23, 2018 | 21:51

All-rounder Dwayne Bravo celebrated this victory with a dance in the dressing room. It was a fairytale comeback for CSK , who were reduced to 92/7 in 15 overs in reply to Sunrisers Hyderabad's 139/7. In a big playoff game, their out-and-out quick Lungi Ngidi did the business at the top, keeping it in that uncomfortable short-of-good-length region that makes him so hard to get away.

by | May 18, 2018 | 14:31

Based in Stockholm, iZettle was founded in 2010 by Jacob de Geer and Magnus Nilsson with a mission to help small businesses "succeed in a world of giants" by levelling the playing field against bigger retailers. PayPal president and chief executive Dan Schulman said: "Small businesses are the engine of the global economy and we are continuing to expand our platform to help them compete and win online, in-store and via mobile".

by | May 16, 2018 | 12:43

CEO of GSC Game World Sergei Grigorovich announced in Facebook that is now being developed computer game S. T. GSC Game World has announced that it's having another stab at STALKER 2 , the sequel to its much-loved 2007 post-apocalyptic hit .

by | May 15, 2018 | 16:22

As in the AMG GT S Coupé , the 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine delivers 522 metric horsepower (515 bhp) and 670 Nm (494 lb-ft) of torque (available from 1,900 to 5,000 rpm). Pricing and additional details will be announced closer to launch. One can expect to see a starting figure of about £1,25,000 (around Rs 1.15 crore) in the UK.

by | May 11, 2018 | 01:23

To drive the point home, Google announced six new Assistant voices were coming to devices. The best part of the story is that John Legend fans will also be able to set their idol's voice in Google Assistant , but this will only happen later this year.

by | May 09, 2018 | 00:35

After the platform was recently known to be working on a video calling feature for the platform, and quietly launching a payments integration , a new report now suggests " music stickers " being added to its Stories feature. Codes within the Instagram app have outed new features before, including the new Focus mode and the Video Chat feature. Spotted first by a Twitter user Ishan Agarwal , the search for music clips can be refined by going through separate tabs such as Trending, ...

by | May 05, 2018 | 02:00

Others also told the news network they smelled burning brush and heard tree branches snapping. The eruption comes after days of earthquakes rattled the area's Puna district. "We've been feeling hard jolts and tremors still yet", he said. Earlier Thursday, officials at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) had raised the volcano's alert level to warning status.