Russian intelligence members indicted for US election meddling

Russian intelligence members indicted for US election meddling

That's the picture that the Justice Department painted in an indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers for allegedly hacking into Democratic computers - and stealing information from a state election board - during the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Trump told reporters in London Friday that he will "absolutely firmly" ask Putin about the finding by US intelligence agencies that he authorized the campaign of interference. The criminal counts include conspiracy against the United states, identity theft and money laundering.

The defendants, according to the indictment, were specifically involved in the effort to hack Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. Over the course of a 10-hour hearing, Strzok fought back, defending the Federal Bureau of Investigation while also expressing regret for his personal statements expressing disdain for then-candidate Donald Trump. At the time, Costello's campaign said it would not use the information in negative ads against Parrish, who ended up winning the Democratic nomination but lost by double digits to Costello in the general election. They also allegedly fed the information to an "organization" - unnamed in the indictment, but which appears to be Wikileaks - as well as a congressional candidate, a lobbyist and a journalist. From Twitter and Facebook to WordPress, the hackers used the online services most ingrained in American society for posts that spread their illicit information. According to the indictment, the defendants also sometimes facilitated Bitcoin payments on the same computers they used to "conduct their hacking activity".

The other was by hacking computer systems and installing malicious software capable of registering keystrokes, taking screenshots and stealing documents.

■ All those indicted were members of the GRU, the Russian military intelligence agency.

U.S. officials claim the group set up the website on which they leaked files they stole from the DCCC, DNC, and from other compromised individuals.

Mr. Giuliani's statement in regards to Americans may be premature.

The GRU, which answers to the Russian military's General Staff, is part of the state machine and its involvement would indicate that the orders to interfere in the US election came from the very top.

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■ They stole gigabytes of data from DNC and DCCC computers. With that said, there is a chance this information may have been used during the primaries between same-party candidates as well, but with primaries nearly over in most states by the August 15 date cited in the indictment, this seems less likely.

Before Friday, Mueller's group had charged 20 people and three companies in its investigation.

Trump, who is now visiting Britain, is scheduled to meet with Putin in Helsinki on Monday.

If the involvement of the GRU officers in the hacking effort is proved, it would shatter the Kremlin denials of the Russian state's involvement in the US elections. "So he needs to understand what evidence we have of foreign election interference". "This has gone from being a matter of curiosity and a matter of politics to being a national security issue".

Rosenstein said these new indictments contain no allegation that any U.S. citizen committed a crime or that it changed the final vote count or election result.

He said the hackers did interact with some Americans in the course of their efforts, but noted those people had not been charged with a crime.

These are the first charges from Mueller's probe that directly accuse the Russian government of attempting to influence the Russian government.

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