Judge orders Manafort transferred to different jail

Judge orders Manafort transferred to different jail

"It is surprising and confusing when counsel identifies a problem and then opposes the most logical solution to that problem", Judge T.S. Ellis wrote about Manafort's requests in his order to move him out of Northern Neck Regional Jail in Warsaw, Virginia.

The judge responded by ordering the U.S. Marshal Service to move Manafort from a jail in Warsaw, Virginia, to one in Alexandria.

Paul Manafort has moved, over his objections, to a new jail with a history of illustrious guests. Last month, a federal judge in Washington revoked Manafort's bail and sent him to jail to await trial, citing new charges that he had tried to influence the testimony of two government witnesses.

Ellis has not yet ruled on Manafort's request to postpone his Virginia trial until after his D.C. trial has taken place in September. "The dissonance between defendant's motion to continue and motion opposing transfer to the Alexandria Detention Center can not easily be explained or resolved".

According to the prosecution's filing, Manafort had enjoyed numerous "unique privileges" at the Virginia facility including access to his personal laptop and telephone. While Manafort was not required to wear a jail-issued uniform at Northern Neck Regional Jail where he was being housed until Thursday morning, Bertsch says all inmates at the jail in Alexandria are required to wear the dark green jail jumpsuits used at that facility. Instead, a judge chose to move Manafort into more a more traditional jail situation, though he will be kept separate from other inmates for his own safety. His attorneys had told courts he was being held in "solitary confinement" and struggled to prepare for his trials with his lawyers because of the 100 miles between him and the legal team.

Though Manafort's lawyers have said he spends almost all of his days in solitary confinement, prosecutors described his living arrangements as a "private, self-contained living unit, which is larger than other inmates' units" with its own bathroom and shower.

"The Special Counsel does not pause to consider the reasons a detained defendant might have to make his situation sound better when speaking with concerned friends and family", Manafort's attorneys said in a filing later Wednesday.

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But prosecutors wrote that in a taped phone call from prison, Manafort told the person on the other end, "I've gone through all the discovery now". According to the filing, Manafort reads and writes emails on a second laptop that his team brings in and out of the prison.

As for listening in on Manafort's phone calls, Nanavati wrote: "Armed with personal conversations between Mr. Manafort and his family, the special counsel selects snippets to support its version of events".

The jail houses about 400 inmates, and at least 150 beds are reserved for federal prisoners like Manafort.

The attorneys also have argued for a postponement of the July 25 trial, asserting that more time was needed to review thousands of documents in preparation for the case.

Manafort has pleaded not guilty.

But Manafort's legal team didn't complain until the last minute, the USA said. More recently, investigators charged that Manafort had tampered with witnesses in the lobbying case.

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