Cavs GM has had "good dialogue" with LeBron

Cavs GM has had

Cleveland entered the draft in the dark on James' plans. The Cavs have gotten younger and because we have young guys now they need direction not just from the players perspective but from the coaching angle as well. "He's a legend, talked about as who is the best between he and Michael Jordan, so he's set". They had two Game 7 matches in the series - one with the Indian Pacers in the first round and with the Boston Celtics in the Conference Finals. "I think the pick along with our youth and our momentum as a franchise, for LeBron and for everybody, I think there's a real energy here".

But what's missing from that equation?

Sexton was the first Alabama freshman in the modern era to record three straight games of more than 20 points in each of his first three contests. The last Alabama player to be selected in the draft was forward Richard Hendrix, who was picked No. 49 overall by the Golden State Warriors 10 years ago. The likelihood of a rebuild working out even remotely well is very low.

The Bucks instead chose Villanova guard Donte DiVincenzo at No. 17, and the early tip helped the Hawks hold on to a few other draft picks. So many questions, so little answers. ESPN draft analyst Mike Schmitz spoke to about the Cavs outlook heading into the draft.

I was fearful the Cavs would take Michael Porter Jr.

The 19-year-old lacks professional experience, but Altman pointed out that James dealt with that issue this season. Maybe that's an 8-seed. That, if nothing else, would symbolize hope. If he does, how do they improve the roster and who gets traded?

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One day after Cleveland's season-ending loss to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, the Cavs worked Sexton out at the team facility at Cleveland Clinic Courts.

The 6-foot-3, 190-pound point guard became Alabama's first "one-and-done" player since the National Basketball Association required players to be at least one year removed from high school in 2006. After free agency peters out, some trades will be made. Sources are now saying that if James leaves, his partner Kevin Love will be traded too, Cavaliers Nation noted.

The good news is Sexton is a 78 percent shooter from the foul line, meaning he has decent form and release on his shot.

Or maybe Ty Lue hasn't had a good enough rookie to play yet. If he wasn't interested at all, the front office likely wouldn't have such a good dialouge. Unfortunately, that is far from guaranteed.

Add 1 other top player and you've got yourselves a championship level line-up. Again, I realize that these picks were made by different guys, but the one through-line has been Dan Gilbert.

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