World Cup host Russian Federation spent billions, but will its economy benefit?

World Cup host Russian Federation spent billions, but will its economy benefit?

The craze for football is on with the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018 which is going to start from June 14 in Russian Federation.

Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore says India has the potential to play in the FIFA World Cup in near future but the country can reach that standard only if opportunities are created for the players.

Despite the distances they have to travel to attend games in Russian Federation, competing nations from the Americas dominate the top 10 in terms of tickets sold to date.

The same is true for Argentina, who have the attacking ability to blitz any team in the tournament but too often end up relying heavily on Lionel Messi.

World champions Germany (62,541), China (40,251) and Australia (36,359) make up the top 10, with Poland, Sweden and Denmark also expected to be backed by thousands of supporters during the tournament.

"The live studio show Football Extraaa and the breakfast show Kick-Off will enrich the die-hard football enthusiast's viewing experience of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia", Rajesh Kaul, President, Sports and Distribution Business, Sony Pictures Networks India said. "This year's tournament will showcase the brand-building powers of both traditional television and social media".

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Federation Internationale de Football Association also explained that teams from all over the world will now have "equal chance" of rising in rankings after the old weighting variables that favoured European and South American nations has been removed.

Less surprisingly, the biggest fall in bookings, a drop of 16 percent, is from Italy, which failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time in its history, travel technology company Travelport said.

Many teams also withdrew their names from the 1950 World Cup like Scotland, France and Czechoslovakia and it was reduced to just 13 teams.

According to Bryn Anderson, COO of brand measurement firm Brand Finance, there will be "global interest" in the fact that Saudi Arabia is competing at such a high level.

The host country, Russian Federation will take on Saudi Arabia in the opening game which is going to kick off after the opening ceremony.

You can check out the World Cup schedule here.

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