Spurs wished Kawhi Leonard a happy birthday, and everything hit the fan

Spurs wished Kawhi Leonard a happy birthday, and everything hit the fan

Other teams that have made offers for Leonard include the Los Angeles Clippers, Cleveland Cavaliers and Philadelphia 76ers, according to ESPN.

It's no secret that the Boston Celtics and San Antonio have talked about a trade to send Kawhi Leonard to Boston.

If Leonard is the piece that convinces George or James to sign on then having that duo to build around may be all that matter to Los Angeles. It has always been expected that Brown would have to be the centerpiece of any Boston package for Leonard, along with next year's Sacramento pick.

However, the Lakers also have some compelling pieces, and a trade seems far riskier for the Celtics, who already look like a legitimate championship contender without Leonard.

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In order to attempt to sweeten any potential deal they make for Leonard, the Lakers are reportedly attempting to add another future 1st round pick and are willing to take on salary dumps to do so. ESPN reports that San Antonio is "most intrigued" with Boston's assets. If the Lakers can't make a big move this offseason (or want to make multiple moves), they could swing again next year. It's already been publicly reported (by Rachel Nichols on The Jump) that Durant was returning to Golden State, but this would be the massive move that would shake up the National Basketball Association.

The Lakers would love to bring Leonard in this summer, and are feeling some pressure to do so before July 1, according to ESPN. Leonard is still under contract for another season, but the Spurs, if indeed moving forward with the trade, would benefit most if Leonard was traded sooner rather than later.

It won't be that simple though, as the Lakers still need to offer a package to the Spurs that they find fair. There's no timetable on when anything will happen, but with LeBron James' opt-out, could the Lakers rush for a conclusion and put together their superteam?

In a testament to the closeness of James' inner-circle, there is essentially no certainty of what he'll do in free agency.

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