Here are the highlights from Apple's 2018 Worldwide Developers' Conference

Here are the highlights from Apple's 2018 Worldwide Developers' Conference

Recently, Apple unveiled the iOS 12 and also the new features which will come with iOS 12.

These functions which are supposed to manage better screen time, track app usage and limit phone's ability to distract, might help parents control their kids.

Apple announced some new updates to its personal assistant, Siri. And Apple is serious about its AR efforts.

The really good news is that Apple has finally made a decision to bring the Mac App Store up to par with what the iOS App Store looks like.

And so, Apple introduced new features in iOS 12 that limit distraction and help you focus on the things that are important to you.

Apple has wasted little time in adjusting its rules to allow Valve's Steam Link app to appear on the App Store. On iOS, you'll see how you and your family use your i-devices to figure out.well, where all that time you spent watching YouTube or scrolling Facebook went.

With iOS 12, Apple says Safari will prevent share buttons and widgets on website from tracking users without their permission.

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iOS 12 brings enhancements to "Do Not Disturb", making this time management tool even better by helping people stay in the moment during times like studying as well as during a class, meeting or dinner. You can also get a feel for the software's performance on your phone or tablet, an intriguing proposition for those of you struggling on iOS 11. With Measure, you can measure objects or walls around you thanks to some new augmented reality tools from Apple.

If you saw the opening keynote of WWDC 2018, you might think that iOS 12 is light on features.

If you're not a fan of the new aesthetic, you'll be able toggle between a light and dark mode.

It remains to be seen whether or not this new group FaceTime feature will run smoothly when iOS 12 launches later this year.

While a lot of interesting factors were discussed in detail, such as Memojis and Siri's new capabilities, others were left up to the user to discover once they interact with the device.

Users can choose which app can show notifications on the lock screen.

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