There's An Easter Egg In The New Rainbow Six Siege Map Trailer

There's An Easter Egg In The New Rainbow Six Siege Map Trailer

Are you looking forward to jumping into Operation Para Bellum?

So, as the company's done on numerous occasions for their games, Rainbow Six Siege is having a free weekend, starting tomorrow 17th May. No wonder the estate owned by the mafia a ideal example of that Rainbow unit intends to take over the gills.

The stream is planned to be a full reveal event for Siege's upcoming Para Bellum update. You'll be able to see the demonstration by checking out the Rainbow Six channel.

Operation Para Bellum will introduce two new Operators into the mix (including Alibi), as well as a Pick & Ban system that allows players to boot certain Operators from play. She infiltrated the Vinciguerra Crime Family and spent several years among them before bringing them down from the inside.

Along with that, while three Speed operators getting slower, one Speed operators is getting a little bit faster.

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The reason for the balance adjustment to the speed is because Ubisoft noted that the game has a speed vs armor meta-game, and the developers noticed that in every single situation speed won out over armor, making the latter moot in the first person shooter.

Having handguns drawn will also affect movement speed.

Give Rainbow Six Siege a try, this weekend.

With Year Three Season Two (Y3S2) of Rainbow Six Siege fast approaching, Ubisoft has made a decision to offer a free weekend to drum up hype and expand its player base. Just note you'll need a PlayStation Plus membership to participate.

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