Sleeping In On Weekends Might Help You Live Longer

Sleeping In On Weekends Might Help You Live Longer

According to a study by Swedish and US researchers, people who are under 65-years-old and get less than five hours sleep on the weekend had an increased risk of death.

Researchers say you shouldn't feel guilty about catching up on your Z's.

Those who enjoyed eight hours of sleep during the week and weekend were found to have a lower mortality rate meaning they lived longer.

There's no clear-cut answer yet on why sleeping on weekends makes a difference.

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However, people who slept for eight or more hours, seven days a week, were found to have a 25 per cent higher mortality rate compared with those who kept to six or seven hours a day.

"In conclusion, short, but not long, weekend sleep was associated with an increased mortality". For under-65s, they found while sleeping fewer than five hours a night increased mortality by 52 percent, the increased chance of death could be wiped out by getting the right amount once or twice a week.

It's not so much about being able to store up sleep, but he thinks short sleepers who are changing their habits on the weekends are making up for some of what they lost during the week. The individuals were restricted to 4.67 hours of sleep for each 20-hour time period, which is the equivalent to sleeping around 5.5 hours in a 24-hour day. He was not involved in the new study. Whether that's going to bed at 8 on a Friday night, sleeping in till 11 on a Saturday morning, or snoozing in the subway on your way to meet friends, do it. Grab that sleep by the horns and don't let go - you may just live longer for it.

After a week of early starts, most people look forward to having a long lie-in on the weekend and it turns out that by doing so we're actually prolonging our life. That, Dr Akerstedt said, was perhaps because older individuals got the sleep they needed.

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