Senate to vote on repealing net neutrality rule changes

Senate to vote on repealing net neutrality rule changes

"Senator Hassan has been a strong advocate on this issue, and it is critical that the Senate votes in favor of restoring net neutrality". Ed Markey, D-Mass., who sponsored the CRA resolution.

Markey said that vote was the most important that the Senate had taken on the internet. The resolution brought under the Congressional Review Act can not be filibustered, and it only requires a simple majority to clear the Senate. It only requires a simple majority to be successful. The repeal is scheduled to take effect on June 11. Bill Nelson, (D-Fla.), said.

"Let's treat the internet like the public good that it is". Without net neutrality rules in place, ISPs could discriminate against certain publishers and web services, while promoting others.

That the agency overturned its rules was no surprise. Democrats think the fight to restore the rules could be a political victor during November's congressional midterm elections even if the effort is unsuccessful because it will force Republicans to vote against reinstating the rules. If both bills pass in Congress, the president's signature is required to pass it.

Net neutrality is the principle that all traffic on the internet should basically be treated the same.

The clock began running in earnest last week.

That was evident Wednesday as Democrats paraded to the Senate floor to give speeches in support of net neutrality while most Republicans were silent on the matter.

Evan Greer, the deputy director of Fight for the Future, explained the CRA and called the vote "a huge moment where the entire internet comes together" while speaking with the Daily Dot on its politics podcast We're All Gonna Die, last week.

Should the CRA actually pass, it could diminish privacy protections granted to the Federal Trade Commission in the 2017 order, May says. Thus far, its drawn far less than majority support in the House of Representatives.

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The vote is obviously good news for net neutrality proponents, but it's also just the first step, and the next will be much more hard. All 49 lawmakers who caucus with the Democrats and Sen.

Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., called it a "highly politicized campaign" that was filled with "fear-mongering hypotheticals, misdirection and outright false claims".

However, the vote may not be an even split.

Wednesday's 52-47 vote went along mostly party lines, with Republicans Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and John Kennedy of Louisiana joining Democratic senators in favor of the resolution.

The odds of passing in the House of Representatives are longer.

By forcing a public vote on the issue - one that's popular with voters - Democrats hope to hike pre-midterm election pressure on enough lawmakers to gain a majority in the House.

A similar resolution in the House, authored by Congressman Mike Doyle, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, has garnered 162 co-sponsors, all Democrats.

"Rural communities and businesses depend on an open internet that enables us to reach our customers and to thrive", said Roger Noonan, New England Farmer's Union President and farmer from New Boston.

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