Reuben Foster threw dog before domestic-violence arrest

Reuben Foster threw dog before domestic-violence arrest

Despite Ennis' retraction - and a purported video her attorney contends absolves Foster - the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office is proceeding with felony charges of domestic violence, forcefully attempting to dissuade a witness, and possession of an assault weapon. Foster has been charged with felony possession of an assault weapon in relation to the Sig Sauer.

Neither the District Attorney's Office nor Foster's attorney, Joshua Bentley, offered comment after the hearing Tuesday.

Reuben Foster on Tuesday plead not guilty to three domestic violence charges and will have a preliminary hearing May 17 that could go a long way toward determining the outlook of his case.

If she does testify, the district attorney's office could turn to other evidence - her calls to 911, medical records and other witness testimony - in its case against Foster.

"This is a gamble worth taking for Reuben Foster because he's up against a time situation with the 49ers", he continued. Foster is accused of dragging his live-in girlfriend and punching her "8 to 10 times". Ennis was reportedly trying to call 911 with her cell phone as she ran out of the house, but she stumbled and fell, at which point she told police Foster picked up the phone and smashed it. That video was turned over to prosecutors on April 27 and resulted in last week's plea hearing being pushed to Tuesday so the state could review it more closely.

Foster is now awaiting a verdict for three felonies charged from the Santa Clara District Attorney's Office last month: domestic violence with an allegation that he inflicted great bodily injury, forcefully attempting to prevent a victim from reporting a crime, and possession of an assault weapon. They will present evidence at the preliminary hearing and a judge will decide whether there is enough to go to trial, which could begin as early as July.

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"She was extremely upset and told him if he broke up with her she would 'trash his career, '" Rickard said.

If, at that time, it is determined that Foster's case will proceed, Foster would be arraigned again and then have to enter another, more formal plea. She also complained of ringing and poor hearing in her left ear, which subsequently was diagnosed as a ruptured ear drum.

In the police report, Ennis, 28, told investigators that they had been arguing the night before and that he threw her dog across a room, but apparently the dog was not injured.

A friend of Foster's was staying with him. However, general manager John Lynch stated on April 23 that if the linebacker did hit Ennis, he would not be a part of the 49ers' future. Clark, who is not involved with the case, spoke to reporters.

"The 49ers made a decision to be patient with Mr". The team has said it will cut him if it's proven he hit the woman, and he still could face at least a six-week National Football League suspension based on its domestic-violence policy.

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