Kim summit 'depends on Kim' - Mike Pompeo

Kim summit 'depends on Kim' - Mike Pompeo

President Donald Trump met South Korean President Moon Jae-in yesterday as U.S. officials try to assess North Korea's intentions after Pyongyang threatened to pull out of a planned June 12 summit to discuss denuclearisation.

"We still look forward to the meeting between the USA and North Korean leaders proceeding smoothly and achieving positive results".

Following a summit between President Moon Jae-in and his United States counterpart Donald Trump, Cheong Wa Dae said Tuesday that President Moon expects the two Koreas to resume suspended meetings after the end of the ongoing Max Thunder exercise.

Another discussion between a White House negotiating team and North Korean officials is scheduled for this weekend, where the two sides are expected to iron out the landmark summit's agenda and logistics.

Observers will be watching the nuclear test site destruction ceremony closely for any clues to the North's mood.

"The maximum pressure campaign of diplomatic and economic sanctions is bearing fruit with the historic meeting set to take place on June 12th", and was supported by allies, Pompeo said.

North Korea's willingness to denuclearize - the very basis for the talks - was recently plunged into doubt when the government denounced U.S. demands for "unilateral nuclear abandonment". "We had real conversations, not stilted talking points like we've had in the past with the North Koreans", Pompeo said.

Kim is said to be anxious about a military coup or other hostile actors who might try to depose him while he's away.

North Korea has given South Korean reporters a last minute chance to witness the slated demolition of North Korea's nuclear test site.

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The group includes an Associated Press Television crew. "But let me very clear: nothing has changed about the policy of the United States of America". Trump has insisted he remains committed to the summit. "But we're talking right now". Pompeo said denuclearization would cover nuclear weapons, missiles, engines and systems related to space launch rockets, production of fissile material and associated technology and research.

In a press release from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Chairman Royce said, "As this committee continues its work to strengthen our national security - including by maintaining pressure on North Korea and pursuing critical reforms to our food aid and global broadcasting programs - we look forward to hearing from Secretary Pompeo about the administration's foreign affairs priorities".

"We still have a lots of work to do to find common ground", Pompeo said.

It was unclear whether Trump was truly backing away from the summit or whether he was strategically coaxing North Korea to the table after decades of tension on the Korean peninsula and antagonism with Washington over its nuclear weapons program.

South Korea welcomed the latest, albeit belated, development, expressing hope that it could lead to the swift and complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

"I do think he'd like to see that happen", Trump said. On his most recent trip he brought back three Americans who had been held by North Korea.

Pompeo was due to meet later Wednesday with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

"The government will swiftly carry out necessary measures for the journalists such as granting approvals for visiting North Korea and providing transportation", the ministry said.

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