Video Game God of War Soundtrack Gets Early Release

Video Game God of War Soundtrack Gets Early Release

And that's it! God of War is no more complex than other action games of this ilk, but given its linear heritage it's easy for you to miss so much of what it has to offer out of habit alone.

At the moment of writing this, the brand-new PS4 exclusive is at 280,646 viewers, which is about a 100,000 more than the next popular game in terms of viewership, Fortnite, and we all know how popular Fortnite is.

God of War features a relatively simple controller setup. The pair grow in the ways you expect them to as they spend time with each other, but the tender moments, often caused by the open wound of Atreus' recently deceased mother, still find their marks thanks to strong writing and voice acting. There are large bodies of water in the game, and they seem like they'll take forever to cross, but remember - Kratos is a god.

Are you interested in picking up God of War? Using the Hacksilvers that you get throughout the game, you are given an opportunity to buy one from the shops. Points for hitting a different beat, God of War.

In Mimir's Vision, you'll be able to see an AR-created version of God of War's Norse mythology-inspired world. His tattoos haven't changed, though he now sports a luscious beard and a wicked axe.

But Barlog's new take goes far deeper than previous instalments by giving the game's surly hulk Kratos a new challenge - a son.

If you want to hop right into the fray as soon as possible, God of War will unlock on April 20 at 12:00AM ET.

God of War How to level
God of War How to level

I love the look of Poseidon in God of War III. In combat, Atreus fires arrows that draw the attention of enemies, which cause damage and give Kratos a valuable opportunity to strike while his opponents are distracted.

That is all for our God of War Difficulty Settings guide with an explanation of what each of the difficulty settings does what.

The fast travel system is useful, but not fully accessible until later in the game, and honestly, sometimes it really is just faster to row that boat.

Don't be alarmed if you're confused by it at first, it takes a few hours of gameplay to get comfortable with it. You can instantly sell any collectible that you pick up.

But Detroit: Become Human, Spider-Man, The Last Of Us Part II, and Days Gone are all listed as "currently unavailable" and you can't pre-order them.

I've always been a big fan of God of War, having followed the series since I first got ahold of the original PlayStation 2 game's demo disc, which included the first big fight against a Hydra.

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