The King of Kong has been stripped of his title for cheating

The King of Kong has been stripped of his title for cheating

"With this ruling, Twin Galaxies can no longer recognize Billy Mitchell as the first million point "Donkey Kong" record holder", said Twin Galaxies in a statement. For scores to be verified and accepted by Twin Galaxies, all scores must be achieved on original hardware, and until very recently, it was believed that Mitchell had produced his scores legitimately.

This led Twin Galaxies to conclude that there was enough evidence Mitchell's scores were not set on original hardware but rather were pulled from MAME gameplay. All records have been removed, and he has been banned from the leaderboard indefinitely, a soul-crushing blow to a man once regarded as the king of video games. When playing the game on an emulator, when you slow the footage down, you can visibly see the stage assets load up differently.

Video game guru Billy Mitchell - who registered multiple scores exceeding a million points on "Donkey Kong" - had his high scores invalidated by a key gaming group after they determined he cheated.

Twin Galaxies, the American governing body that keeps track of arcade high scores, has finished an investigation into allegations that Michell achieved some of his famous high scores through unofficial means. As of Thursday, he has been officially stripped of his Donkey Kong and other videogame high scores, as well as being banned from submitting any future scores to Twin Galaxies.

For Twin Galaxies, the most important takeaway from all this research was that the score performances were not from an original unmodified Donkey Kong Arcade PCB. Twin Galaxies' stats inform Guinness World Records superlatives, and Twin Galaxies has made Guinness World Records aware of its findings.

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The main reason for this is his suspected use of MAME (emulation software) to achieve his scores, as opposed to using original arcade hardware. Now that Mitchell has been deposed from his throne, Twin Galaxies notes that Wiebe has become the new official record holder. This would mean testing all other emulators other than MAME across all other platforms to eliminate the possibility that a different emu was used. This kind of extensive testing is beyond the scope of the dispute case needs.

Billy Mitchell is possibly one of the finest real-life movie villains of all time, and he's now proved everyone who hated him right, as he's been rocked by a cheating scandal.

In its statement, Twin Galaxies emphasizes it is evaluating score performances, not people, and that "we care very much about our scoreboard integrity and will continue to improve it step-by-step, no matter how painful or public it might occasionally be".

We must repeat, the truth is the priority. According to our findings, Steve Wiebe would be the official 1st million point record holder.

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