Overwatch's Uprising Event Returns This April

Overwatch's Uprising Event Returns This April

Due to kick off on April 21 in most regions, with divisions in North America, South America, Europe, Pacific, Australia, China, and South Korea, the Overwatch Open Division is an official Blizzard Overwatch tournament that is open to all comers. Either way, the event will feature more than 100 Loot Box items, and a co-op brawl telling the tale of Tracer's first mission.

Last year's event chronicled a major event in Overwatch history, and gamers are hoping that this year's version of Uprising will also focus on a pivotal point in the multiplayer shooter's lore.

Since its debut, Overwatch has brought players back into the fold regularly through a series of limited time events, and now the Overwatch Uprising event will seemingly make its way back into the game in time for spring. The event may be entirely different when it plays again. New cosmetic items such as skins were offered, and players were also allowed to purchase the skins from the previous versions of the events at a discount.

The event will run from April 10 through 30, and pit you and three friends up against omnics running rampant through London.

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However, upon closer look, the teaser video actually contains some secret clues. If you notice closely, when the video glitches it references a classified "File 00274" that was recorded eight years ago. Taking what few hints are here, it's sounding like the new Uprising event will be centered around Blackwatch, which would lead to a whole new cast of characters and setting.

What do all these clues mean?

Overwatch is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC!

In addition, the name of the event may be changed to Blackwatch Archives or simply Archives.

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