Kentucky pilot says Allegiant having a catastrophic failure is 'inevitable'

Kentucky pilot says Allegiant having a catastrophic failure is 'inevitable'

"If "60 Minutes" had been interested in current information, they would have reported that today, according to just-released Department of Transportation data, Allegiant is a leader in reliability, with the second-lowest cancelation rate among all USA airlines".

The report also said Allegiant experienced more than 100 serious mechanical incidents between January 1, 2016 and October 2017.

During the 30-minute story, CBS News correspondent Steve Kroft reported over the last three years, Allegiant has suffered a series of aborted takeoffs, cabin pressure loss, emergency descents, and unscheduled landings.

The Las-Vegas-based airline flies out of Bellingham International Airport, located around 32 kilometres south of the U.S.

"It was a little bit disturbing to watch that", Ed Riney, airport board chairman, said of the "60 Minutes" report.

Gust also accused "60 Minutes" of using "years-old" incidents and "outdated statistics" for their report, which he claimed was "instigated by a terminated employee" who is involved in a lawsuit against the company.

"We believe that the efforts of Allegiant's workers to join together and speak with one voice is having a positive impact on the culture of safety at the airline".

Less than two weeks after a new low-priced carrier began servicing Charleston International Airport, a "60 Minutes" report focused on safety concerns for the airline. He says, "I would not fly on Allegiant Airlines".

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Ever since news of the report came out, shares of stock for Allegiant have been tumbling.

The airline's vice president of operations responded to the report in a letter to customers and said it was misleading and prompted by a disgruntled former employee, according to Business Insider. "We and everyone else depend on the FAA, the federal government, and the airlines to maintain a safe airline environment", Boyd stated. Nearly 30 percent of Allegiant's planes are "antiquated" McDonnell-Douglas MD-80 aircraft, the program said.

On Monday, we spoke with Allegiant passengers in St. Pete.

Allegiant, which has never had a crash, noted that it has carried 90 million passengers safely since beginning operations in 2001 and that it has less than a third as many MD-80s in its fleet as Delta.

"Had I known that that was an issue that Allegiant had, it's certainly something I would have taken into consideration before booking a flight", says passenger Molly Walnum who arrived at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway on her very first Allegiant flight.

During that time, Santa Maria Public Airport General Manager Chris Hastert said there has not been any major issues.

Just-released Department of Transportation data shows Allegiant is an industry leader in reliability, with the second-lowest cancellation rate for all domestic airlines, [] behind only Hawaiian. The review didn't find "any systemic safety or regulatory problems", although it did identify "a number of less serious issues, which Allegiant addressed".

Allegiant Air has landed at Plattsburgh International Airport since 2007. None of those incidents led to enforcement action from the FAA.

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