Israel comes to standstill to remember Holocaust victims

"There is no doubt that many Poles fought against the Nazi regime, but we can not deny the fact that Poland and Poles lent a hand to the annihilation" of Jews during the Holocaust, Rivlin said.

The study was conducted by the Claims Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, a body seeking restitution for Holocaust victims and their families. It was the largest concentration camp among many built by the Nazis during their campaign to wipe out the Jews and other groups.

The survey's respondents also indicated anti-Semitism and neo-Nazi remain issues today, with more than half saying they believe there are many neo-Nazis in the USA. Perhaps because respondents feel that lack of knowledge is a real threat to the future: 58 percent said they believe something like the Holocaust could happen again.

According to the most restrictive data on the Holocaust, provided by Adolf Eichmann, one of the Holocaust's architects, the overall death toll stands at 6 million Jews. Sixty-eight percent of US adults said antisemitism exists today and 34 percent said there are many neo-Nazis now present in the U.S.

The survey was conducted by Schoen Consulting between February 23-27 with a randomly selected demographically representative sample of 1,350 Americans.

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"We say 'Never Forget, ' but the people who were murdered are literally being forgotten as we speak", says Greg Schneider, Executive Vice President of the Claims Conference, the organization behind a new study showing just how that forgetting is happening.

A vast majority of respondents - 93 percent - believe all students should learn about the Holocaust in school and 80 percent said it's important to teach so it does not happen again. "We are alarmed that today's generation lacks some of the basic knowledge about these atrocities".

Let us continue to come together to remember all the innocent lives lost in the Holocaust, pay tribute to those intrepid individuals who resisted the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto, and recall those selfless heroes who risked their lives in order to help or save those of their persecuted neighbors.

The poll has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points.

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