United gives $US10,000 travel voucher to 'bumped' passenger

United gives $US10,000 travel voucher to 'bumped' passenger

A broken airplane seat has earned an American woman a US$10,000 (NZ$13,800) travel voucher - just for agreeing to be bumped off the flight. "They are kicking me off this flight", she posted.

"If you've got a picture of the dog on the create, they're not going to put a poodle in a German shepherd's kennel", she said. As it turns out the flight was overbooked, and United asked for volunteers to take a later flight.

Preiss asked for cash, and the airline offered her a larger voucher, and then another, eventually landing at a $10,000 travel voucher for future travel, along with two $10 vouchers for the airport food court where she promised to "go INSANE at Pizza Hut". "TEN THOUSAND", she wrote, sharing photo evidence of the massive buyout.

"It was the best flight delay ever", passenger Allison Preiss, of Washington, DC, told ABC News.

The airline confirmed they issued the voucher in a statement. United couldn't board her because a seat broke on the plane, according to Preiss, and no one volunteered to give up a seat.

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"They really do not want to give me cash".

United upped the limit for voucher like the one Preiss was given after an infamous incident in which a man was dragged, screaming, off a flight. United did not immediately say if any other passengers have received a $10,000 voucher.

And where is Preiss going to go with her $10,000 travel voucher?

It's also important to be aware of any connections between different airlines during the trip, Passman said, as carriers don't interline pets, meaning the owner would have to collect and recheck the animal when switching carriers.

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