Uber footage shows victim of self-driving car crash 'emerging from shadows'

Uber footage shows victim of self-driving car crash 'emerging from shadows'

It's now conducting autonomous vehicle tests in Arizona, Pittsburgh, Toronto and other areas. They also can't have more than three non-fatal accidents or moving violations within the past three years.

Chief of Police Sylvia Moir said, "It appears that the Uber would likely not be at fault" for the accident, as Herzberg was not crossing the street at the crosswalk when she was struck at 10 PM. He told reporters at a news conference Monday the Uber vehicle was traveling around 40 miles per hour when it hit Helzberg immediately as she stepped on to the street.

The video shows the vehicle operator looking away and the pedestrian walking across the road.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi expressed condolences on his Twitter account and said the company is cooperating with investigators. "That means that, if the video correctly reflects visible conditions, an alert driver may have at least attempted to swerve or brake", Smith said.

Sean Alexander, of Crash Analysis & Reconstruction LLC, said a human eye sees objects in dark areas better than video cameras do. Hopefully, the issues that caused this crash will be resolved quickly. "Pedestrians often get all the blame for crashes because they're no longer alive to defend themselves". But they do have faults.

"We can not speculate on the cause of the incident or what it may mean to the automated driving industry going forward", Toyota said. "We should be terrified about human driving". In case of imminent danger, should the vehicle prioritize the survival of passengers or pedestrians? It can take many seconds for a person to regain situational awareness if something goes wrong. For example, as the Journal reports, last November, Colorado fined Uber $8.9 million after discovering it had employed several dozen drivers with prior felony convictions, violating state rules.

Companies including Uber, Alphabet's Waymo and General Motors's Cruise Automation have been testing their self-driving technology in Arizona, which has welcomed the industry with a lighter regulatory touch than in states like California, for example.

Hasbun said Vasquez met the company's vetting requirements.

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This is not the first time there has been an incident with a self-driving auto.

Ducey's office expressed sympathy for Herzberg's family and said safety is the top priority. The incident has even made Uber suspend all on-road testing of autonomous vehicles. In March 2017, an Uber SUV flipped onto its side, also in Tempe.

Tempe Police Chief Sylvia Moir has said Uber's self-driving vehicle wasn't at fault in Herzberg's death, but experts disagree. In 2016, a man had already died driving a Tesla Model S, while the autopilot was activated.

The video which is taken from the inside of Volvo XC90 sports utility vehicle was used for the testing.

Some road safety activists are calling on Congress to pause consideration of a federal proposal aimed at creating a regulatory regime for autonomous vehicles. That letter was planned before the crash. Experts who reviewed the footage, however, said the opposite appeared to be true.

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New cars come equipped with safety systems.

The video stops moments before the impact that killed 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg.

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