Rickford promotes Conservative Party unity under new leader Ford

Rickford promotes Conservative Party unity under new leader Ford

In her statement acknowledging Ford's win, Elliott reiterated that she still plans to seek a seat in the provincial election in June. - That's why our team has spent the last twenty-four hours, rechecking the results of the voting that we have with Ford was incredibly close.

"I'm not far-right", he said Monday while being questioned by reporters about his views on abortion and sex-ed.

The poll also suggested almost half (48 per cent) of respondents disapproved of Ford as party leader, while 36 per cent said they approved of his leadership and 16 per cent weren't sure. "At the end of the day, Doug Ford was selected as the victor by a legitimate process that they already had established and we're looking forward to the campaign in May into June because there's no question in my mind that Ontario wants a change and we're going to present that change".

The Progressive Conservative party elected Doug Ford as the party's new leader Saturday before the June election in Canada's most populous province.

"One doesn't exactly think of the Ford political brand involving bridge-building, reaching out to those who disagree with them to forge compromise or common ground", he said.

"No matter where I go ... it's the same message", said Fedeli, noting he's repeatedly asked when will the Tories be getting rid of Kathleen Wynne.

Nearly immediately after she conceded, Doug Ford responded on Twitter to thank Elliott. "In a race this close, largely determined by geography, someone needs to stand up for these members", Elliott said in her earlier statement.

Ford says he spoke with Wynne this morning and stressed that she's a respected campaigner who he's not going to underestimate.

He also echoed some of the populist rhetoric that helped sweep his late brother Rob Ford into the mayor's office in Toronto in 2010.

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Uniting the party and making it appeal to a range of voters may prove a daunting task for Ford given his brash, often confrontational approach, which he displayed in his brief career in municipal politics and again in his leadership campaign, said one expert.

"The people of Ontario want the Ontario Liberals gone and they deserve nothing less", Ford, who was flanked by Granic Allen, told the sparse but enthusiastic crowd in Markham, Ont., that remained to hear the results. But Elliott can challenge that through the courts if she chooses.

"I think Caroline has a tremendous future in the party but the party wasn't ready yet and so we move on and we don't spend our time worrying about what didn't happen".

Walker, who threw his support behind Elliott soon after she launched her third bid to become the party's leader, said he believes she has a right to seek answers regarding the outcome of the election.

But he's got a lot of work to do before the election campaign begins. I look forward to working with him. (Premier Kathleen Wynne) has had 15 years and you don't see anything new.

Doug Ford announces his candidacy for the Ontario PC Leadership in Toronto on Feb 3rd, 2018.

"What we really need to do is make sure that the votes that were cast end up in the proper riding and that we have a true leader of the Ontario PC Party going forward". Wynne replaced Dalton McGuinty as premier after winning the 2013 Ontario Liberal leadership race.

"Regardless of who took the helm, the bottom line is we have to stop settling for bad or worse in this province", she said.

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