White House on abuse claims: We could have done better

Porter's ex-wife, Jennifer Willoughby, told the DailyMail.com that he had difficulty controlling his anger and at one point pulled her out of the shower and yelled at her.

Senator Martin Heinrich, a Democrat, said in a statement that if Kelly "covered up Staff Secretary Rob Porter's record of domestic violence then he should resign immediately".

Willoughby also shed new light on the Federal Bureau of Investigation background check into Porter while on Today, and revealed that her ex-husband knew she had said multiple damning statements.

Colbie Holderness, Porter's first wife, alleged that he punched her in 2005.

Porter had access to all the information the president had access to - the nation's most important security intelligence and national secrets.

Kelly's first statement on Porter complimented him without mentioning the allegations.

The controversy over Porter's case has focused on the reaction of Kelly, who on Tuesday, after the Daily Mail newspaper published the interviews, defended his subordinate as "a man of true integrity and honor". "He is a friend, a confidante and a trusted professional".

'I went back and forth with him for an hour or so about what language I would be comfortable with and ultimately the language he asked I wasn't comfortable with.

US Justice Department's No. 3 official to resign
Congress voted to extend that law , Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act, last month. That job would now fall to Solicitor General Noel Francisco.

Porter resigned Wednesday, but he denies the allegations. Several aides and White House advisers expressed disgust, and said Kelly had failed the president if he knew about Porter's history with Porter's ex-wives and didn't inform Trump.

Just as troubling, in my mind, are reports that Chief of Staff John Kelly also knew that Porter was never going to receive a security clearance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Willoughby was also "worried" about Hope Hicks, the White House communications director and Porter's current partner.

CNN reported that following their 2003 marriage, Holderness said Porter quickly began to be abusive: "She said that Porter's repeated physically abusive behavior also included throwing her on the bed and forcefully pushing one of his limbs into her body in anger and choking her". Some have told him the episode is a sign he must clean house. "It was not completed, and Rob Porter has since resigned", he said. But White House officials said Kelly pushed Porter to stay in the job even after the release of the photos.

On Thursday, the Post also reported that Porter has been explaining the pictures of Holderness' black eye, which she has distributed to the media, saying that "they were arguing over a vase, and she was somehow hit with the vase".

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Porter "has been effective in his role as staff secretary", and the president had confidence in his job performance.

But some commentators are questioning whether the White House turned a blind eye.

That Marine colonel, Todd Shane Tomko, was the former commander of the Marines' Wounded Warrior Regiment, but according to his defense attorney and to Chief of Staff Kelly and other character witnesses at his court-martial, he had spiraled rapidly as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder. "I've lost count as to how many Trump appointees have been sidelined due to their past views or conduct". Trump denies all the accusations and the White House's official position is that all the women who have accused Trump of misconduct are lying. Porter's situation wasn't discussed in the White House's senior staff meeting Wednesday led by Kelly, but it was addressed in smaller groups, aides said.

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