Three aftershocks strike today after tremor hits Swansea in Wales

Three aftershocks strike today after tremor hits Swansea in Wales

The British Geographical Survey has been investigating the incident and reported the magnitude at 4.4 with a depth of 7.4km.

"This is the largest quake in mainland United Kingdom since the 5.2 magnitude Market Rasen natural disaster in 2008", he said.

Meanwhile, others took to social media to make slightly more sarcastic comments.

EMSC wrote on Twitter: "No damage is reported and if any should remain very limited. The whole building just shook!??" "The dogs are not happy at all though", she said.

"I phoned my parents in Ogmore Vale and they got out on the doorstep and all the neighbours were out asking 'what's happening?' It was like 'Ooh, what was that?'"

The 21-year-old said: "We heard the noises before we felt the rumble, and then the house shook for a couple of seconds before it stopped".

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People across south-west England and Wales say they felt their homes and workplaces shake.

The tremor struck at 2:30pm on Saturday afternoon.

Neath Port Talbot councillor John Warman said he had received a large number of calls from Cimla residents about the earth tremor.

Twitter users reacted to the "earth moving" event.

"An quake of this size, of magnitude five or thereabouts, will occur roughly every 10 to 20 years in the UK", Brian Baptie of the BG said at the time.

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