Szechuan Sauce Will Return to McDonald's Thanks to 'Rick and Morty' Fans

Szechuan Sauce Will Return to McDonald's Thanks to 'Rick and Morty' Fans

The Szechuan sauce this time will be made available nationwide starting Monday, Feb. 26.

"The Sauce" - which is itself the next subversive layer in a marketing scheme by McDonalds to launch the SECOND return of szechuan sauce (this time with hopefully enough for everyone) on February 26 - features interviews with McDonalds employees, managers, executives and "Rick & Morty" fans as our narrator tries to unravel the story of "what happens when the best of intentions go wrong". During the show's third season, Rick reveals his motivation for the duo's adventures through time has been in search of the elusive dipping sauce, which he calls his "one-armed man" and "series arc if it takes 9 seasons!"

For the truly devoted Szechuan fans, a three-part podcast was released devoted to explaining the phenomenon that is the sauce and explaining what happened previous year.

"We did not anticipate the overnight crowds, the cross-state travel and the unbelievable curiosity, passion and energy fans showed", the fast food company said on a website dedicated to the sauce and the riots.

That's not a problem, Mcdonald's plans to produce again its sauce Szechuan, but by doing things well this time and by delivering all of the signs in quantity suiffsantes. Fans were disappointed. People wept. Back in October, fans lined up when several locations around the country participated in a one-day limited release of the sauce.

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After last fall's Szechuan sauce debacle, McDonald's promised to bring back the condiment on a much larger scale. The chain also adds that they will also announce how much Szechuan Sauce will be returning like it was a limited edition commodity.

Almost five months later, McDonald's hopes it has more than enough sauce to reach every US fan who wants to try it, hopefully without the riots this time.

A press release from McDonald's addressed the pandemonium that broke out in October, saying the company had the best intentions but admitting it went very wrong.

That should be more than enough sauce to satisfy the hunger of Rick and Morty fans.

"Szechuan Sauce returns 2/26!" Even the police were called in some situations to keep disgruntled fans at bay.

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