Anti-Black Panther Campaign Is About Racism, Not Harmless Fanboys

Anti-Black Panther Campaign Is About Racism, Not Harmless Fanboys

If you are heading out to watch the film for its opening weekend, you should watch - or re-watch - Captain American: Civil War on Netflix!

In fact, the only thing wrong with Ryan Coogler's stirring, imaginative Black Panther is that in some ways, at least, it's required to fit snugly into the Marvel superhero-movie mold. The first critic reviews have been released online this morning and it's safe to say that there is a positive word of mouth surrounding the critics. This February is no exception when BLACK PANTHER hits the big screen. The final coda is as direct an address to the xenophobia at home in our current administration as that which you'll find in any film this year, let alone a giant Marvel movie. With the athleticism of Black Widow and a suit cooler than Iron Man's, he's an admirable fighter.

Michael B Jordan is the star of the new action film Black Panther.

As well as breaking ground with its African focus, Black Panther also avoids being another superhero sausage-fest.

"Black Panther celebrates its hero's heritage while delivering one of Marvel's most all-around appealing standalone installments to date". In this regard, Black Panther shares similar themes with Thor - heavy is the crown and all that - but if Thor is repeating a story that has been told a thousand times, Black Panther is telling it in a new way.

Groups across America have been hosting screenings or raising money for African-American youth to see the movie.

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The film proper takes place after the events of Civil War, T'Challa is returning to Wakanda and must go through the traditional ceremonies to become King and Black Panther in his own right.

The action scenes in Black Panther are definitely a step up from what I've seen in previous Marvel movies.

Coogler's film purrs sweetly during quieter, contemplative moments too, as conflicted characters wrestle with moral obligations to share wealth and knowledge with less fortunate kin. Noble of character, even of temperament and with eyes that glisten with integrity, T'Challa nevertheless suffers crises of conscience and challenges to his leadership. We don't get to see that every summer, and we should. But, unfortunately, this gives Black Panther a bit of a lumbering start. Still, I think any contender would be hard-pressed to top what Carter has done here.

Then there's Erik "Killmonger" Stevens (Michael B. Jordan), a renegade Black Ops soldier of Wakandan descent who has vengeance and violence on his agenda. From the regal, intimidating uniforms of the all-female warrior clan known as the Dora Milaje, to the gorgeous gold-and-leather outfits donned by Lupita Nyong'o's Nakia, to the breathtaking headpieces that showcase Angela Bassett's regal hauteur, Carter has served looks that are instantly iconic.

Aiding and abetting this risky ploy is Erik Killmonger (a beyond-charismatic Michael B. Jordan of Creed), an ex-US military agent who knows more than he is letting on about the mystical Wakandan way of life.

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