CES 2018: TVs Are The Big Stars So Far

CES 2018: TVs Are The Big Stars So Far

LG Display 65-Inch UHD Rollable OLED TV is indistinguishable from magic Back in 2014, LG arrived at CES with the world's first flexible OLED TV.

LG's AI OLED TVs will have Google Assistant so users can control them with voice commands.

Any company that uses the technology can decide how to best hide the display when its off. As the TV rolled itself up and returned to full size, we didn't notice any trade-off in the screen's quality.

The dawn of rollable OLED is nearly upon us, and it will bring with it some very impressive new form factors for phones, tablets, and, in this case, HDTVs.

Over the weekend, several large consumer technology companies used the CES platform to launch brand-new OLED products.

The firm also breaks the milestone in the 77-inch OLED display size. Among the biggest announcements so far are enormous and rollable TVs. Now it seems LG has got yet another creation to flaunt its leading class display prowess to the world. It was an 18-inch "rollable" TV sporting 1200x810 resolution.

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The screen can also be rolled partially down to create different aspect ratios. LG has just unveiled a 65in 4K television set that rolls up like a poster when it's not in use. The future of Television industry looks brighter as many other giants will come up with their own innovative gadgets or displays in the coming days.

"The growing number of available OLED TV choices, especially high-profile Japanese and European brands, has resulted in more competition and pricing promotion activity in the OLED TV market".

Samsung says the new level of connectivity between devices and the TV will make it easier to use.

Unfortunately, both the 88-inch 8K panel and the 65-inch rollable display are still in their prototype versions.

Back at CES 2016, LG showed off a rollable OLED display for the first time, but it was a mere 18-inches, not the impressive 65-inch consumer-ready television it now has at CES 2018. This technology makes speakers completely obsolete, as it emanates sound directly from the OLED panel.

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