Seattle to Quebec City: All the latest National Hockey League expansion and relocation possibilities

Seattle to Quebec City: All the latest National Hockey League expansion and relocation possibilities

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said on Thursday, following a city approval to renovate KeyArena, that Seattle can begin the process of filing an application to host the league's 32nd hockey team.

The ability for the ceiling to rise by a minimum of $3 million is due to another increase in league revenues, which Bettman said is projected to hit around $4.85 billion this season, while hockey-related revenues are expected to reach $4.54 billion, an increase of 8.2 percent.

Besides spending $600 million to refurbish KeyArena, Leiweke's group also has pledged an additional $60 million to a separate city transportation fund and to various community charities.

The process will be similar to Las Vegas relocation.

Bill Foley paid a $500 million expansion fee for the Vegas Golden Knights.

Bettman said the group is only looking at Seattle for expansion, leaving Quebec City and Houston alone. Bettman said that process should be completed in the next month. That news came on the heels of the announcement that Texas businessman Tom Dundon had signed an agreement to purchase a majority stake in the Carolina Hurricanes.

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"But I think there's a lot of pent-up appetite here in Seattle for this, and so I think we can meet the benchmarks we need to meet".

"If we don't have a franchise a year from now, they should take me and put me on top of that arena and while they start tearing that arena down, they should let me dive into the middle of the rubble because I haven't done my job", said Leiweke this week.

Whatever the team ends calling itself, the National Hockey League appears to be heading back to the state of Washington.

"We learned that we can get the technology to work but we needed it to work better so that it could be scalable", Commissioner Bettman said.

Bettman, who added the Arizona Coyotes continue to work towards a new arena, was emphatic in his remarks that the Hurricanes will be staying in Raleigh. "The rumors that it might be moving somewhere else are absolutely incorrect, made up, fabrications, wrong, wrong, wrong". There was some speculation earlier in the year that the Senators might be up for sale.

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