Samantha Bee Spoofs Project Veritas Sting Operation Aimed at Washington Post

Samantha Bee Spoofs Project Veritas Sting Operation Aimed at Washington Post

After uncovering numerous inconsistencies in her story, the Post decided not to publish a story on her allegations and instead presented the woman, identified by the paper as Jaime T. Phillips, with information that appeared to show she was working as a conservative activist to expose bias in major news organizations, the paper reported.

Of course, that's not what happened.

The woman accused of lying to the Post on behalf of the group - who said her name was Jaime Phillips - had posted a GoFundMe fundraising page, asking for cash for her new job where she'd work to "combat the lies and deceit of the liberal mainstream media". I know the president of Project Veritas, James O'Keefe; he's always been kind to me, and yet I still have to say that I'm absolutely horrified by these actions. They acted as professionals.

The fact that sexual-assault victims who go public must endure both shame and doubt is not up for debate. "It's just so much emphasis on what he said and what he tweeted".

While O'Keefe refused to comment to Washington Post reporters at the time, he later came outside to speak with journalist Aaron C. Davis, though he did not answer any questions regarding the employment of the potential fraudster. Rolling Stone relied on only one, single unidentifiable source, while the WaPo had four on-the-record victims - and their stories were backed up by more than 30 corroborating sources. During the minutes that followed, Geraghty heard O'Keefe describe his plan to infiltrate Open Society to a companion, The New Yorker later reported. The math alone says they're different, so why do so many people keep assuming that they're basically the same thing? Not simply because they foiled a "sting" operation that aspired to paint The Washington Post as promoting a political agenda.

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Project Veritas released a new undercover video on November 27 showing employees at The Washington Post explaining the publication's bias against President Donald Trump, and revealing the influence of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who purchased the news outlet for $250 million in 2013.

O'Keefe's previous work includes his infamous 2009 undercover operation, during which he and a woman named Hannah Giles posed as a pimp and prostitute seeking money-laundering advice from the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, a community organizing group.

The Washington Post isn't a ideal newspaper, but if you come at their journalistic integrity, you best not miss. Apparently, even James O'Keefe fell for it, and his disgusting attempt at discrediting credible victims wound up becoming even more evidence that the victims should be believed.

Bee, who questions the man's motives, also mentions that the interview is being recorded before proceeding to ask him what made him apply for the job, to which he responds, "It's like I said, I saw that show, you did that one time on the television, and I took all 37 UCB's improvisation classes, and thought maybe you would hire me, and bring me onto your staff". "They're anxious that we have a story on them", Project Veritas wrote on its fundraising page, hinting that it would have more selectively edited videos on the way. In far too many circles, a devotion to tribalism has become far more important than a devotion to the truth - and when we're talking about something as gravely serious as victims of childhood sexual abuse, I couldn't be more sick about it.

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