NCAA Hits Ole Miss With Two-Year Postseason Ban

NCAA Hits Ole Miss With Two-Year Postseason Ban

They will have an addition one year bowl ban, in addition to the self-imposed one they are now serving, meaning no bowl games until 2019. The show cause means any school wanting to hire Freeze and those coaches would have to appear before the infractions committee.

Ole Miss could will find out on Friday whether the NCAA's Committee on Infractions holds the program culpable on its 21 alleged infractions, according to a report from the Clarion Ledger.

The crux of the amended notice of allegations, which came after former offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil's draft night to forget that included an admission that he took money from Ole Miss officials and a video posted on his own social media accounts of him smoking a substance through a gas mask. As part of self-imposed sanctions, the university already cut 11 scholarships over a four-year period from 2015 to 2018.

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The NCAA finally wrapped up its investigation into the Ole Miss recruiting scandal, and the resulting punishment is pretty harsh: a two-year postseason ban, scholarship reductions, and a handful of show-causes for various assistants and administrators. The NCAA noted that former head coach Hugh Freeze "acknowledged that upon coming to MS, he was surprised by the "craziness" of boosters trying to insert themselves into his program".

The announcement by the NCAA brings to an end a long process that began with an investigation that began with women's track, basketball and academic issues relating to the Houston Nutt era Rebel football program (2008-11). New head coach Matt Luke, who was an assistant on Freeze's staff, was not named in the investigation, and thus has no individual NCAA penalties.

Ole Miss also agreed to forfeit its share of SEC postseason revenues for next season, which could be as much as $7.8 million, ESPN reported. Some of them are more significant than others, ranging from former staffers allegedly fixing ACT scores to get recruits qualified for the football team to recruits allegedly hunting on boosters' private land. Freeze also resigned from the school when it was discovered he made several phone calls to an escort service on his university-issued cell phone. The school appeared in front of the NCAA committee on infractions in Covington, Ky., in September.

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