Latest Photos Of Melania Trump In The White House Spark Controversy

Latest Photos Of Melania Trump In The White House Spark Controversy

"Her theme is "Time-Honored Traditions", which the White House said pays respect to 200 years of holiday traditions at the executive mansion".

Despite apologising for the comments in the run-up to the election past year, the President has told allies the voice was not actually his, according to The New York Times.

Someone also joked the decorations are reflective of First Lady Melania Trump's goth phase.

The new cards, signed by Barron, Melania and President Trump read "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year".

The first lady's office previewed the decorations for journalists on Monday before welcoming students from a nearby military base in Maryland to see the decorations and try some holiday-themed arts and crafts, such as building gumdrop trees and decorating garland.

In a video the First Lady posted on Twitter, viewers can see the nativity scene, which shows Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus with a crown, as well as other stunning Christmas decorations. "@WhiteHouse is ready to celebrate!"

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Jeff Flake, a Republican Senator and critic of the President, said Mr Trump's disregard for "shared facts" is "dangerous to democracy".

"Now as the president of the United States, its my tremendous honour to finally wish America and the world a very Merry Christmas", Trump said, as the audience cheered.

The holiday celebrating begins later Monday with a party for the volunteer decorators and will continue well into December with receptions and parties - sometimes two a day - for the next several weeks.

One Twitter user pointed out that the dimly lit hallway lined with dead branches painted white looks like the flawless spot to tape a "Stranger Things" scene.

US President Donald Trump has lit the national Christmas tree, located behind the White House, in a ceremony followed by a performance of the 1960s-hit pop band, The Beach Boys. More than 25,000 visitors are expected to tour the White House for the holidays and the kitchen is ready: a total of 31,000 cookies have been baked, including 15,000 sugar cookies.

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