Trump Host Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue for New Announcement

Trump Host Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue for New Announcement

Immigration reform was a centrepiece of Mr Trump's presidential campaign.

On Wednesday, Trump said he backs new legislation that'll preference visa applicants with higher education or job skills.

"This competitive application process will favour applicants who can speak English", he said, "financially support themselves and their families and demonstrate skills that will contribute to our economy".

Cotton is equally if not more voluble than Trump against "low-skilled" migration and its effects on working class families and their wages - which has nothing to do with business class travellers who are unscathed by immigration.

By admitting fewer low-skilled immigrants, exclusively on the basis of family relationships, it would reduce the rate of welfare dependence among newcomers.

It also proposes to end the "diversity visa lottery" under which the U.S. grants 50,000 green cards annually to people randomly selected from countries with low rates of immigration to the US. Senator Lindsey Graham, from SC, said his state is dependent on immigrant labor to sustain the two biggest sectors of the economy, agriculture and tourism.

Trump's anti-immigration rhetoric was reiterated by Cotton who offered the same populist frame that said little but implied quite a lot.

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"Switching away from this current system of lower-skilled immigration, and instead adopting a merit-based system, we will have so many more benefits". Cotton and Perdue estimated that their proposals would cut down the amount of applicants admitted into the US from roughly 1 million in 2015 to roughly 500,000 by 2027. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and David Perdue of Georgia. The legislation would also cap the amount of refugees admitted into the country at 50,000 per year.

"The new Cotton-Perdue bill would do nothing to boost skilled immigration and it will only increase the proportion of employment-based green cards by cutting other green cards".

"As a candidate, I campaigned on creating a merit-based immigration system that protects USA workers and taxpayers, and that is why we are here today", Trump said.

"We want a merit-based system, one that protects our workers, our taxpayers, and one that protects our economy".

"Our current system does not work".

"What happened to the old days when people came into this country and they worked and they worked and they worked and they had families and paid taxes and they did all sorts of things and their families got stronger and they were closely knit?"

"Seeing the President standing with the bill's sponsors at the White House gives hope to the tens of millions of struggling Americans in stagnant jobs or outside the labor market altogether", Beck said Wednesday.

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